GAP ENTECH has developed the industry's most advanced, environmentally safe procedure for the removal of asbestos. This innovative process decreases manpower, greatly reduces worker exposure, and increases job productivity.

How It Works

The GAP ENTECH asbestos abatement process is comprised of three specially designed pieces of equipment.

  1. 1) A GAP ENTECH Asbestos Grinder
  2. 2) A GAP ENTECH Roll-off Container
  3. 3) A GapVax Industrial Vacuum Truck

Inside the main containment area, asbestos is placed into a GAP ENTECH Asbestos Grinder. The grinder is connected to a GAP ENTECH Roll-off container, which is located outside, via an 8" vacuum hose. The ground asbestos is then drawn by vacuum into a specially lined GAP ENTECH Roll-off container.

The GAP ENTECH roll-off container is located outside the main containment area and is lined with an asbestos bladder bag. As the asbestos enters the container, it passes through a specially designed water ring which wets the ground asbestos and virtually eliminates airborne particles from the airstream.

Vacuum for the entire process is supplied by a GapVax HV-57 which is fitted with specially designed decontamination ports that allow for complete system decontamination upon completion of all asbestos abatement projects. The process of decontamination starts at the grinder and continues along the entire system, ending with decontamination of the GapVax.

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