Here at GAP Inc. we pride ourselves on providing safe and cost-effective services. We have 35 years of experience in industrial vacuum services. All services are provided by well-trained employees along with state-of-the-art equipment, which equates to a lower overall cost for every project. Bottom line— you save time and money.

We currently serve a wide range of customers including power generation stations, mining, steel mills, pulp paper plants, chemical pants, gas & oil production.

If you have a project that may require vacuum services contact the GAP team to assist you.

GAP takes pride in using the GapVax, the most powerful and efficient industrial vacuum truck available. These trucks were designed in-house out of a need to provide a better service. Since then, GapVax has grown to power the elite service companies of the industrial cleaning industry around the globe.

GAP's fleet of high vacuum trucks increases productivity. They also give GAP operators the ability to convey material farther and faster than conventional equipment. Our operators know our equipment better than anyone else, because we build it for them. That means you pay for less time on the job.

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