It all started with a need and a desire to help. And like our friend David McCullough, GAP Entech got its start with the Johnstown Flood.

The town of Johnstown, which was founded in 1800 and is approximately 70 miles east of Pittsburgh, became a thriving industrial community late in the century when modernized steel production in its mills was producing millions of tons of steel for railroad, warships, bridges, and the common nail. In fact, the first steel rails for the railroads were rolled in a Johnstown steel mill. Today, many of the steel and coal industries have left the Johnstown area, but the pride and craftsmanship is still very apparent.

From humble beginnings in 1977, Gary & Rose Poborsky began GAP Pollution and Environmental Control After a major flood that year in Johnstown, Gary purchased one used Septic Truck for pumping flooded basements, storm and sanitary pipe TV inspection, and other cleanup work. Over the years GAP P.E.C. has grown to become the Industry Leader through Innovation and superior service personnel Industrial Accounts like Coal Power Plants, Steel Mills, Cement Plants, Paper Mills, etc. needed Simple, Durable, Versatile, Efficient, Rugged, and Reliable Industrial Vacuum Equipment. GAP Entech was created to specialize in asbestos abatment while providing the our services to the Allegheny region.

In 1989 GapVax was born to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment that would meet, and exceed, the needs and applications of the customers of GAP Inc. GapVax has grown to be the leading Manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum Equipment through Innovation and application at GAP P.E.C. and GAP Entech. With the team of highly skilled and dedicated workers here in Johnstown, PA.

Did you know?

1. Contrary to popular belief, "GAP" stands for "Great American Pollack"

2. GapVax, the sister company of GAP Inc. manufactures all the trucks used at GAP, Inc.

3. GAP Inc. was founded by Gary and Rose Poborsky in 1977 to clean up the Johnstown Flood

4. All GAP Entech employees start as laborers. Learn more