GAP's industrial vacuum trucks are equipped with vertical augers which are mounted in the of the tailgate allowing GAP to off-load collected material into drums or open-top containers while the bed is in a full upright position, thus eliminating the need for ramps.

By using containers, waste can be disposed of in bulk, reducing the overall cost of disposal.

GAP vacuum boxes can be directly loaded, eliminating the need to "double" handle waste. Open-top and Dewatering containers can be loaded using GapVax's tailgate auger system or it's hydraulic sludge pump.

GAP is also a recognized technological leader in industrial dredging and pond cleaning. GAP cleans water intakes, run-off ponds and ash ponds for a variety of industries, including many utilities. GAP's pontoon-type dredging boars are equipped with hydradulic submersible pumps. The augers reach depths of up to 20 feet and remove debris and waste water from pond bottoms.

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